Happy Chinese New Year 2008

    It’s a bit late to give our new year’s greeting here, but late is better than never! We wish all our blog readers and visitors enjoyed the New Year vocation and ready to welcome a fantastic 2008.

    There were a few changes in Myshantou.net in 2007. Maggie left our blogger team in June last year to Qingdao to further her studies in Chinese and education. From a few emails with her, I can tell she’s enjoying what she is doing and doing a pretty good job. I wish 2008 will be an even better year for her.

    As some of you may have noticed, there are a lot of new posts from ‘ZhongYuan’ and ‘Martin’. Yes, I was glad to have them joined our team to give us some up-to-date news on Shantou. ZhongYuan (as a preferred pen name, personal blog) is a lecturer in journalism in University of Shantou. Martin is one of the outstanding students in his class. Since they joined, both of them have contribute 32 posts covering various topics, all of them are quality over quantity! I’ve updated our About page for the latest updates and members of our team. If you would like to join us, please don’t hesitate to drop an email!

    About myself, I’ve been keeping my eyes on feedback and comments that we received through email and blog comments, while maintaining the blog. Thank you for all of you who asked questions and expressed your interest in Shantou. I’m really glad that this blog has become a mean of communication rather than one-way story giving. However I would like to apology if I’m not able to answer your question quickly, because I’m currently working in London and there is limited time that I can contribute to this blog. We will work out a way to distribute our resources more effectively in order to answer questions and help our visitors, so please don’t hold your comments or opinions, just say it out, we would like to hear!

    In 2008 there will be more exciting changes and news coming up and I’m very excited about it. Subscribe to us by email or our feed to make sure you won’t miss out! If you have stories to share, contact us! Once again, wish you have an amazing 2008!