Massage II (foot)

    Recently went to another very good foot massage place.  It’s called HaiLong Foot Massage Centre, and my friend who took me (he lives in the vicinity of one of them) says it’s quite well-known in Shantou.  They certainly do good foot massage.  I think it was 35rmb for just over an hour.

    海龙足道  HaiLong ZuDao  HaiLong Foot Massage Centre

    大洋店:滨港路5号海韵华府120  DaYang branch: Bingang Lu, no.5, HaiYunHuaFu 120.  Phone: 8575456  NB,This is also near Zhongshan Lu.

    海景店:天山南路海景花园A座112  HaiJing branch: Tianshan Lu south, HaiJing HuaYuan (Garden), building A, no.112.  Phone: 8881918  NB,This is also near Changping Lu and Jinsha Lu.

    中泰店:韩江路中泰花园2号门旁  ZhongTai branch: Hanjiang Lu, ZhongTai HuaYuan (Garden), next to no.2’s door (I think!).  Phone: 8831456  NB,This is also near Hengshan Lu.

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