Cinema - Harry Potter

    Harry Potter is still on at YiDu cinema - I went to see it last night. It was great! The first decent HP film I’ve seen. 

    Are there any other cinemas in Shantou?  I’ve heard rumours there are, but never actually met someone who’s been to one.  Actually a lot of my students have never been to the cinema.  At 30rmb a time, I’m not surprised.  It’s not like it’s state-of-the-art equipment or anything.  Small upstairs (more expensive-35rmb) cinema better than the big one.  However, big one very communal watching experience, and actually I like that.  I wish the seats were bigger, I feel a bit over-sized in there. 

    YiDu cinema/theatre is on Jinsha Road, at the big crossroads which the bowling alley is just off, and the big crossroads before Pizza Hut/McD’s/Deli Bar.  There’s usually two films playing, one Chinese-language and one foreign-language.

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