Little Bee restaurant

    Right one of the best things about Shantou is the food so while I’ve broken my foot and can’t go out anywhere I’ll just write about where to buy food.

    A nice restaurant is called ‘小密锋’ (xiao3 mi4 feng1) or ‘Little Bee’. It’s just behind Jinsha Road (金砂东路, jin1sha3dong1lu4) and just off Huashan Road (华山南路, hua2shan1nan2lu4) near the centre of town. I know it coz it’s almost outside my school and it’s cheap and great food. You can get fried rice or noodles for about 5元, or beef and black pepper sauce (+ rice) - 8元, or if you eat in you can have loads of dishes. Unfortunately there isn’t an English menu so you need a Chinese speaker or the willingness to walk around and point at other people’s food.

    Phone number: 8463913
    Address: 汕头市丹霞庄北区10幢

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