Chinese medicine

    Arghh bad things have befallen me, I broke my foot at taekwondo on Sunday. I’m not going to talk about taekwondo at this sec as it’s kind of a bad advert but let me stress that it was NOT while doing a specific tkd move, I just stepped back and my foot went under me and, well, broke. Since then I’ve been discovering the joys of Chinese medicine, in many ways much better than the Western stuff, mainly because it makes you get better so damn quick but you do have to drink some really disgusting stuff that I’m not sure adds to the speed, it’s the physiotherapy that does miracles (they don’t use plaster casts).

     Anyway I’ve got hardly any access to a computer even though have lots of time to think, so apologies. Also should say here that my friends and school are fantastic and have been visiting me lots and getting me anything I need, I feel well looked after which is good, coz I live on my own.

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