Land from the Sea

    Local media are reporting on a large land reclamation project set to take place across the province.

    On April 3, the government of Guangdong Province held a news conference to announce that 24 places will reclaim land from the sea, including Shantou.

    Shantou plans to reclaim 20 square kilometers, an area equal to the size of the current city. Li Zhujiang,head of the Oceans and Fisheries Department of Guangdong Province said that Zhuhai City would reclaim the most land. Shantou will reclaim the second most.

    The project is set to reclaim roughly 146 square kilometers of coastline, an aread about 5.5 times that of Macao ,China, and has a target completion deadline of 2010.

    The reclaimed land will be used for ports and industrial zones, mainly for developing energy, petrolchemistry, shipbuilding, and the steel industry.

    Ava Tang contributed to this news summary.^3162^1^Tqc01006.htm

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    Vicki Wong