Junior High Student Shooting in Chenghai

    A junior high school student was shot by a classmate and sustained serious injury on the evening of April 2nd in Chenghai District, according to a report in a local newspaper.

    The shooting happened as a result of conflict between Yu and Du, both students at Suwan Middle School in Chenghai District.

    According to the description by police given in the news reports, the two students called for gangs of their friends to fight near the gate of their school at about 4:00pm of April 2nd, but were stopped by a teacher. After that, when Du and his two friends were walking home, they were beaten by an older teenager, a friend of Yu.

    After negotiating over the phone, Yu and Du, along with their own “gangs” agreed to meet at night on a playground of Chenghai District. Around 9:00 pm, Du saw Yu and six other people heading for the venue by motorcycle, and he called his older friend. This older friend brought four friends with guns to the scene, and shot Yu, who was sitting on the back of a motorcycle.

    The Chenghai police sent Yu to the hospital immediately and began an investigation. By 3:00am of April 4, the policemen had caught the five older teenagers in an internet bar on Gold New North Road of downtown Shantou. The case is under further investigation.


    Lok Chan