Good dimsum places

    There are a couple of decent dimsum places in Shantou, even though it isn’t a local speciality.  There are two that I know of, and both are restaurants in expensive hotels.  The first is - I’ve forgotten the English name - 海景酒店 on Haibin Road (海滨路)near the ferry.  The second is in the Meritus, Jinsha Road East (君华酒店,金沙东路) on the second floor.  I imagine both are expensive but I’ve never had to pay for meals at either place.

    I like dimsum and anything you can nibble at generally, it’s one reason why Chinese food suits me so well.  Although dimsum here isn’t quite the same as in Shenzhen, Guangzhou or Hong Kong, to my relatively uneducated tongue it’s very good meal.  And the congee I get given is always delicious.

    For those of you who really miss dimsum.

    Maggie Ad