Fragrant potato rice, Fishball and jiugua soup

    Fragrant potato rice:

    Rice, a potato, couple handfulls mo2gu1(dried mushrooms), some beef, some pork, lots spring onions, couple tablespoons oyster sauce. (Quantities: how much rice and meat do you want to eat in a meal?)

    Cut the potato up and fry it in oil for a couple of minutes until starting to go golden/burnt.

    Put the potato in the rice pot/cooker with rice and water (water2:rice:1), and start.  If don’t have rice cooker (either very poor or not in Asia) bring rice to boil with lid on, then turn down to lowest heat - don’t remove lid.  Keep on low heat until no water left.  Secret of rice :)

    MEANWHILE: Stirfry meat in oil.  Then stirfry meat, oyster sauce, chopped spring onions and mogu.  When rice is cooked, add in and stirfry for a bit.

    Rice tastes of fried potato, delicious - even if you’re not keen on potato.

     Fish ball and jiugua soup:

    A jiu1gua1 (kind of veg melon), some fish balls, water, salt, chicken stock, oil.

    Bring water to boil with some salt, chicken stock and oil mixed in.

    When boiling, add the jiugua and the fish balls.  Boil on a lower heat until the jiugua isn’t raw, and the fish balls are a bit bigger.  It doesn’t take long - 5 t0 7 minutes.

    You can eat both dishes later that day, or the next day.

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