Farmers Open Family Libraries

    Farmers in Haojing district opened the first family library in Shantou on October 9th, according to the Shantou Daily.

    This library is located in Shangdian Villege on Haibin Street of Haojiang district. It has more than 2000 books and sixteen seats. As an infrastructure project built by the government, it will be run by the farmers themself to improve their knowledge of farming and help alleviate poverty, the Shantou Daily says.

    The government is planning to build 20 more these libraries as modelsby the end of the 2007. By 2010, the government hopes to build 342 family libraries. Nearly 40% of villages in this city would have their own libraries. These libraries are required to store at least 1000 books, 3 newspapers and 10 kinds of video disks.

    Photos in the Adminitration of Culture and Press of Shantou:

    More details in Shanotou Daily (in Chinese):^2992^1^Stc10004.htm