Expert Panel Promotes Chaoshan Opera

    A nomination ceremony for commentators of Chao Opera was held at No.10 Building of Shantou Greeting Hotel by the Chao Opera Development and Reform Foundation of Guangdong Province, and the Culture, Broadcasting and News Office of Shantou. This action, along with other activities, aims to conduct Chao Opera performances in Shantou on a regular basis, in order to promote Chaoshan culture.

    Begun in January of this year, such activities have been receiving a welcome reception from many citizens. The 21 commentators of Chao Opera will form a “Commentary Group of Chao Opera.” These commentators include senior experts, college professors, journalists from culture and arts beat and Chao Opera lovers from the working-class. They all agree that commentary is necessary for the development of Chao Opera and the Chaoshan culture.

    Lok Chan