Excellent & honest travel agent

    Another recommendation due to great service I received.  GOES (Guangdong Overseas Education Services, 广东侨谊海外交流服务中心汕头分公司) is also a simple travel agent, well not that simple, it is one of the few places in Shantou that issues plane tickets, all the other travel agents come here to get theirs.

    My friend-of-a-friend is assistant general manager there, he’s called Chen Jun Li (陈君力), English name Alan Chen, and what a great guy he is.  So honest!  Which is unusual in local travel agents, I know from experience they are reluctant to sell you the best value tickets, what is that?  Do they get less commission or something?  He has helped me buy tickets for Yunnan, England and Beijing. 

    Beijing was the most recent.  In the week after Spring Festival, when prices sky rocket, he found me a ticket Shenzhen-Beijing, 60% off, 1400rmb return.  That’s a really good deal.

    I recommend anyone to talk to him about plane tickets around and from China, he knows I’ve recommended him and his company to everyone reading this.  Contact number: 13929688708 (mob).  E-mail: stcjl_alan@163.com.  Msn: stcts0754@hotmail.com.  I think he is more or less able to communicate in English, he knows it but not much chance to practice speaking, so speak slowly.  Writing I think no problem.

    GOES (Shantou) details: Floor 6, Jinlong Building A, 104 Jinsha Dong Road, Shantou.  汕头市金砂东路104号金龙大厦A座6B.  Tel: 0754 6321991 or 0754 8486606.  Fax: 0754 8486618

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