Went out for COFFEE last night.  I don’t usually drink coffee, but my friend invited me for coffee and I hadn’t seen him in ages so off I went.  I was actually planning to have tea but when I got there I couldn’t find any decent tea on the menu, therefore last night was the night of my first cappucino, and my third coffee ever.

       We went to UBC Cafe上岛咖啡, a chain from Taiwan.  It’s an upper-priced place that you can mainly drink coffee and eat at.  The food is ok, by Shantou standards quite bland but that’s the aim of chains right?  Know what you’re getting. 

       But it is a really nice place to drink coffee.  There are comfy chairs, well almost sofas really, and solid tables, plants and a live pianist in the evening.  The staff are polite, the menu is in Chinese and English, often with pictures.  A cup of coffee costs about 20-25rmb.  I have no idea what quality the coffee is as if I’m able to get it down my throat, I’m satisfied. 

    There are a few.  I made it to two last night thanks to my motorbike driver who took me to the wrong one first. 

    UBC Cafe上岛咖啡, Jinyuan Road金园路,信佳超市旁边next to XinJiaChaoShi.  This is near the second main clothes shopping street.

    UBC Cafe上岛咖啡, Dongxia东夏路 and Jinsha Road金沙路crossroads.  This is the same crossroads as the cinema, bowling alley, Pizza Hut, Deli Bar and not far from Walking Street步行街.

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