Brazilian bbq

    I recently had a comment that mentioned the Brazilian restaurant, I guess I should have said something before.  The Brazilian restaurant opened a couple of months ago and I think just about everybody in Shantou heard about it.  The result was that just about everybody in Shantou who could afford it, went, and so the food was pretty crap, mainly because there wasn’t any. 

    Let me explain.  It’s a Brazilian barbeque.  I’ve been to Brazilian bbqs, in Brazil, so I can say that it’s reasonably authentic - the waiters carrying meat around, the buffet of hot and cold food, that’s what it’s really like.  Of course, it can’t rival the ones actually in Brazil (mmm…), but it would be unfair to expect it to.  It’s actually a chain from Beijing. 

    So when it got too crowded the kitchen just wasn’t producing enough food (and the soft drinks are Always flat), which made me feel slightly cheated of my money, but recently I went back with friends and it was much better.  The service has always been good, and it was still good, but more meat came around and the dishes on the buffet weren’t the scraps at the end of the tin or been there so long no one wanted to eat them.  It was a good meal. 

    Not cheap though…50rmb/head/buffet?

    Brazilian Bbq, Jinsha East Road(金沙东路), the block between Hengshan衡山 and Tianshan天山 Roads.  In one of the new apartment buildings, ground floor. Phone:0754-8783210

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