Bbqs / hotspring

    Mmm, just had lunch, it’s nice to be full.  Well had a reasonably quiet weekend…  Mainly taekwondo and eating, which generally speaking makes me happy. 

    Went up to Dansuao Hotspring again last night.  This is just a little update to say that they’ve added a bbq hut/area, and it’s delicious.  I think it was mainly delicious because I wasn’t worried about getting ill - which I am when I eat bbq at most random roadside stalls.  I swear it’s not the food, it’s the sauces and spices they put on.  (Dansuao bbq has Excellent bbq sauce.)

    While we’re on the subject, bbqs.  Many of my foreign friends really enjoy bbqs, unless they’ve been here a really long time and got ill one too many times.  My Chinese friends say they’re the most unhygenic crappiest places to eat in Shantou - but they still eat there sometimes.  It’s like getting a kebab on the way home from a night out (Brits), or you can spend an evening chilling in a park or beer garden and drink beer while eating. 

    Everything’s laid out on sticks and you choose what you want then they bbq it for you and bring it over to where you’re sitting.  It’s possible to find just about anything - a wide variety of veg, meat/animal insides, seafood.  I personally recommend sweet potato anywhere, and mussels (are they mussels?  dan4cai4, I can read it but not type it) if you’re convinced you won’t get ill.  Beef balls are a local speciality.  The sweetcorn is never sweet, it’s a different variety.  Things usually cost 1 or 2rmb a stick.

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