Animal shelter

    Did you know Shantou has an animal sanctuary??!  They take in dogs and cats that no one wants, and sells them.  If you take them a cat, you pay 30rmb a month until someone else takes it home with them.  As fundraising doesn’t really work round here - too many people have used it for cheating, I think charging people to look after the cat they found is a good idea.  It’s cheaper than looking after it yourself, and you know the cat’s ok. 

    How do I know all this?  Coz on Saturday afternoon I was cycling across the Jinsha East and Huashan Roads crossroads when I heard this screeching from the middle of the junction.  What was it?  A kitten!  I thought it’d been run over but when I cycled over I found it was just sat there.  It’s not like it could move - there were cars and motorbikes and all sorts on all sides.  Anyway it was really grotty and boney and above all smelly, so I stuck it in my basket and kept going.  It had string around its neck, who on earth owns a cat that small and mangy?

    After trying to give it away to some newsagents I got one of them to tape cardboard on the basket because it kept climbing out, and went to meet some people, then dinner, then taekwondo.  At tkd I had to start my lesson so the receptionist Kit retrieved the cat from my basket, fed it milk and contacted the shelter.  She knows because she also found an abandoned kitten once. 

    They were full and wouldn’t take it, but thankfully I’ve got my cat-loving friend Tammy to take it on until she leaves Shantou, thankgoodness.  I’m so not the person to be looking after a flea-infested-too-young-to-be-eating-food-and-away-from-its-mother kitten.

    It’s really loud though.  Definately got guts.  And yeah, Shantou has an animal shelter.

    Maggie Ad