Animal hospital

    I found a cat once, don’t know if I wrote about it, it was June just before Zhenzhu typhoon (the big one), I palmed it off on my friend Tammy coz the cat shelter was full and I didn’t want it.  However she took it on condition that I had it back when she left, so on her last day said cat, now called McChicken, arrived at my house, it was a bit crazy like strays are but settled down after a few days.

    However after a few weeks she, because it is a she, started jowling really loudly, it became impossible to sleep, the noise woke everyone up within in hearing distance, several times a night.  My friend Yen researched a bit and declared she needed to be neutered or whatever female cats are, whatever, she needed the snip.

    The snip she got, half a day early as we couldn’t take the horrible noise any more, also she kept lying prone at our feet, what a hore.  I don’t know whether I should recommend this vet to you.  He looked really scared, not worried but down right alarmed, at the prospect of snipping a female cat, stating repeated that the survival rate is not 100%.  No matter, just stop the jowling, be it snipping or death, we said. 

    Anyway McChicken survived although after a couple of days in the animal hospital the vet actually told us to take her back coz she was refusing to eat anything - they were the best days, when she was still weak and not annoying.  Then she got better and returned to normal.  Two weeks later I stuffed and selotaped her into a cardboard box again and took her over to have the stitches out, which she had infected, a couple of injections and 40rmb and I could take her home again, no need to return, as indeed there hasn’t been.

    The vet is on the corner of Jinhuan Rd (金环路), Zhongshan Rd (中山路) and Hengshan Rd (衡山路), that’s the side of Linbaixin Square (林百欣广场) near the sea, on the roundabout (yes, there’s a roundabout it’s easy to see).  It says PET HOSPITAL (宠物医院), in Chinese, in really big neon characters.  There’s another one round the corner that we didn’t investigate, as well.

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