A real pet shop! & Stray cats home

    While we’re on the topic of animals, that very same week I came across another stray, and couldn’t very well leave it wandering around on its own, although the restaurant lads thought I should, so picked it up and took it to the place I’d seen in between the two vets which claimed to take in waifs and strays 24/7. 

    It was a pet shop!  A real one!  Not just selling cats and dogs!  In fact cats and dogs were the side business!  They sell, most importantly to me, Russian hamsters and all necessary hamster caring-for equipment such as SAWDUST, how long have I looked for that, but also rabbits, snakes, scorpions, various other lizards, and a variety of turtles.  And, they are connected to or based on, not sure which, the charity in Shantou that takes in stray cats, of which there are a lot. 


    When I produced the kitten they promptly stuck her in a cage with a mother who already had her own kittens and two other strays, saying as long as she didn’t hit it then stray was stray no more.  Mother cat didn’t hit the stray, so I can only guess it got taken to the big cat centre when it was old enough because they’d all gone last time I visited.

    I have heard about this cat centre before.  If you take a cat there you have to pay 30rmb a month until it gets adopted, which really does happen.  I think that’s a good way to run a centre, although I don’t know how they guarantee the 30rmb. 

    See the post about the animal hospital to find the address.

    Maggie Ad