24 Shantou Tourists in Sichuan During Quake, None Thought to be Dead

    On May 12th at 14:28, a devastating magnitude-7.8 earthquake struck in Wenchuan county, an Abei Zang and Qiang national minority autonomous region in Sichuan province, wreaking destruction over much of Sichuan, Gansu, and Yunnan provinces and Chongqing, according to Shantou Daily.

    It is believed that as of 8:20 AM on May 13th, about 2000 tourists were visiting this autonomous region. On May 13th, 24 Shantou tourists in Chengdu and Leshan of Sichuan province were stranded. At present, there is no indication that any of the Shantou tourists were hurt, according to Shantou Tourism Bureau. Chenbin, the deputy director general of Shantou Tourism Bureau said that they had tried to know more information about the stranded Shantou tourists from all the travel agencies. In addition, all travel agencies were asked to stop booking trips to the areas affected by the earthquake. It is reported that guides had taken the stranded Shantou tourists to safe places, and made every effort to let them go back to Shantou.

    Source: Shantou Daily