The "Tong Yi Shou Ge" Concert and Firework

    It is not much of a news anymore because the concert and firework were held on 25th and 26th of April. But I think it’s still worth to mention here as these two events were topical lately in Shantou. Even I know about it in UK, well, from my families and news on the net.

    Investment Campaign

    To begin with, these two majors events are the peeks of recent campaign launched by the government to attract investment in Shantou. As one of the special economic zones and had a high growth in early 1990s, Shantou was famous at the time. But start from late 1990s until now, the economy doesn’t go very well, or I should say the city doesn’t develop as well as it supposes to. There are many reasons for that, which I think might be too lengthy to write down here. However, lately, it seems to be some real actions to aim to revive the concession.

    Tong Yi Shou Ge Concert ( TYSG - 同一首歌)

    TYSG is a concert held by CCTV. They invite famous singers to the show and have been held in many major cities in China. It has been quite a lot of noises about why TYSG didn’t come to Shantou, because it’s kind of like a symbol for major city and Shantou should have it.

    The concert on 25th was mostly sponsored by Yihua Enterprise Ltd., which I heard from my dad that it was a company in Chenghai but now grew to be a group corporate and got listed in stock. It went quite well overall, as the news said, but there are critiques in some online forums as well. I can’t give any comment because I didn’t see it. But personally I am still happy to know the concert come to Shantou.

    The Firework

    There were 160 thousands firework in the sky of Shantou and lasted for one hour on the 26th. It must be phenomenal, I wished I could be there. The firework was sponsored by Xinda GPS, which I don’t know exactly what it is but looks like part of China Mobile.

    I am sincerely happy to see any development, or even just some campaigns like that, in Shantou. The city is not doing as well as it suppose to, as I said. Hopefully efforts like that will bring Shantou a better performance.