Shantou Love Cat Organisation

    Love Cat OrgOne of our reader left a comment about giving away her two kittens. I posted it in our forum and a member stredsun posted a site call Shantou Love Cat Organisation (汕头爱猫协会).

    I think it’s great to have a organisation like that in Shantou. I don’t have cat or dog but I do have two birds in my family as pet. They are easier to be taken care of than cats and dogs. I remember it was once very strict about petting dogs in Shantou, about 10 years ago. You need to pay about 10,000 yuan to have a license to keep your dogs. But it’s very strict for keeping cats. Personally I think it was a bit too much at the time, but it certainly reduced the number of wandering cats and dogs on the street. People buy pets for presents, but just “throw” them away after realising all the troubles of keeping them, which I think it’s very cruel and unmoral!

    So if you are only staying for a short period of time in Shantou and want to adopt one, this site might be helpful. Or if you leaving Shantou and don’t want to leave your pets alone, find some kind owners for them!