Shantou is safe from typhoon

    Quite a few of my friends asked me here is my hometown ok from the recent typhoon. They must see the news in BBC or other media. I got a message from my Chinese mobile which sent by the China telecom in Shantou several days ago. They warned that there was going to be major attack to the city by the latest typhoon. I called my family the next day and my mum told me the typhoon changed the direction and moved toward Fujian province. Shantou was safe.

    Every summer there are at least several typhoons will come to or close to southern China. Shantou was one of the cities that in the potential damaging area. Last year Maggie wrote about the typhoon I with some photos. That was pretty serious. I remember that it was also the first time we were contacted by the BBC to get the first hand update about the typhoon. I wasn’t in Shantou at the time so wasn’t able to comment on that. However, in my growing years in Shantou, there were only a few serious ones that really damaged the city, the rest were just went past and didn’t cause much damage. However, it normally recovered quickly.

    Hopefully there is not more major typhoon this year! The climate changing is threatening now and we should really do doing something about it!