Shantou eye hospital and inner heat

    Recently a Chinese medicine friend looked at my tongue and checked my pulse, looked worried and warned me my inner heat (内气) was unusually high.  He did it twice and both times he preceeded by a couple of days infections worthy of hospital attention, unheard of for me in China.  This week it’s my left eye, which went blind on Sunday, not really a nice experience, also it really hurts.  I did, however, go to bed at 9pm because there was nothing else I could do.  With the help of painkillers I got nearly 10hrs sleep and was still up bright and early (earlier than when I have to work!) at 7.10am and getting ready to go see the eye doctor.

    After so much sleep and so long with my eye closed, it was actually a lot better - hooray for the body’s natural immune system - but a trip to the eye hospital still necessitated.

    The eye hospital (眼科医院) is attached to Li Jia Cheng’s (李嘉诚) research hospital way up one end of Dongxia Lu (东厦路), and is funded mainly by him and a Hong Kong uni.  I like this hospital!  Clean, modern, nurses - polite ones -  keeping everyone in line, short queues, clear instructions about where to go next.  Ahh, it was good.

    The opitician did prescribe me some extremely expensive medicine which in my unmedical opinion may have been a bit over the top, but hey.  My eye’s much better.  I think I’m going to buy some of the herbs my friend advised me to get though, too.

    Maggie Ad