Seafood and Walmart Street

    Yet another seafood shop.  Well, it’s Shantou’s speciality.  This one is right outside Walmart.  Behind Walmart there are some bars (Sunglow, Triumphal, Manhattan).  Next to Triumphal there’s one of the main entrances to the back of Walmart, and outside it there are many, many restaurants.  This is the street generally recognised among my English-speaking friends as Walmart street, or sometimes Skank Alley.  It starts at a northern food restaurant just outside the Golden Gulf, and ends on Changping Lu with some new western food joint. 

       However, the food really worth eating is all in the middle, and number several dumpling restaurants, a good internet cafe (3rmb/hr non-members), some noodle soup restaurants, a Muslim restaurant, a barbeque, and some seafood restaurants.  The food is generally all very edible and I haven’t ever heard of cheating around there. 

       The seafood restaurant I know best is 心香各 (XinXiangGe) but no one really knows it’s name.  If you come out of the gates from Walmart and turn left, there’ll be a newsstand - the first (and only) restaurant next to it is 心香各.  You can sit outside or inside.  They are friendly.  You choose your food outside.  As long as you don’t order expensive things like crab, a decent meal costs about 15rmb per head. 

    心香各  丹霞西街南国商城东侧  XinXiangGe  DanXia, West Street, South China Mall east side.  Phone:8267248

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