Rain in Shantou

    rainAnother sleepless night for me because of jetlag. But thanks to that, I have been listening to the rain outside ALL NIGHT LONG.

    The rain in Shantou is different to the rain I know in England. UK is famous for its rain, which can be easily described as “300 out of 365 days in a year is rainy”. But the rain in UK is not as consistent as in Shantou, it’s more like rain for about 10 minutes, then stop, then rain again for another 15 minutes, stop, and again…. Sometimes rainy weather like this can last for weeks without having one sunshine day. Whereas in Shantou, it can rain for one whole day without even stop for one minute. However once it finished, sunshine and nice weather.

    Winter is not a rainy reason in Shantou, so what I am having outside now is rare. Maybe it’s because it needs some rain to bring the temperature down to be like winter. Seriously, it still amazes me that the temperature can get to 20 something in mid-December. But when it comes to summer, rain is a small case, typhoon is more likely to be the main concern. Maggie wrote about some huge typhoons this summer, that’s what it looks like.

    Looking forward to good weather because I want to go out.