New Year soon!

    I am amazed at how some street vendors keep a straight face when stating a price. It’s New Year’s Eve tomorrow and so there are pots of flowers and inedible-orange (my name, not theirs) trees all over the place to be bought. The big red flowers are about 10rmb a pot, the starting price should be 15rmb. It’s amazing how seriously some can say 35rmb.

    Don’t know whether to buy an inedible-orange tree, they’re cool but it’s not like lots of people will be visiting my house, as I’m going travelling on Monday for nearly three weeks. Might stick with big red flowers.

    Mm, New Year, that crazy time when everyone has to increase their prices so they can afford all the other increased prices, no wonder there’s so many thieves. I feel that I have missed out on something never being a child in China, I think New Year must be cool for them! But some friends tell me that all the money they get given was always taken straight away hehe - their mum’s used it to give to other children. What comes around goes around!

    Maggie Ad