A new look, a new start

    Hey, how is Myshantou’s new look, like it? We have been using the old template since the beginning and it’s time to fresh up with a new one. I have spent my whole day twisting with it. Most of the work are done but there are still a bit more need to be done. I hope you will like the new template.

    Beside the new look, there is another good news here to share! Since Maggie had left and I’m currently not in Shantou, I have been trying to find people that like this blog and willing to contribute to it. Lucky enough, I got to know ZhongYuan through Maggie. We have been in contact over a few emails and I think we are getting into a direction of continuing the blog. So don’t take us away from your bookmark, there will be more interesting posts of Shantou coming out.

    Lastly, I found a new blog which linked to us, it’s Eric and Faye’s Blog - An American couple who just arrived Shantou and started to document their lives in Shantou and Shantou University. It’s aways good to read from others about the city. Well, that’s one of the reasons we started MyShantou.net anyway. Hope they will enjoy the stay in Shantou and good luck to both of them.