Nan"ao Leads in Wind-Power Generation

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    Nan’ao Island also known as “the Chinese pioneer of wind-electricity development” has created a record of sorts in clean power generation. According to a report in the China News Service, it reached a new high in wind energy generation in the past eight months by producing 180 million kilowatt hours of electricity.

    Nan’ao Island is located in the south-west of the Taiwan Strait and its wind-energy generation potential is among the highest in the world. Over the years, it has become a ‘hot’ favorite for companies wanting to invest in clean-electricity.

    InfraVest GmbH from Germany is building infrastructure needed for generating 20,000 kw of electricity. A large Chinese venture, the China Guangdong Nuclear Power, has also begun preliminary work for investing in wind-electricity in Nan’ao. Upon completion of the projects in the pipeline Nan’ao will generate about 400 thousand kilowatts of clean power.

    Source: Chinanews

    Nika Ye