will continue

    As stated in the previous post, Maggie is going to leave Shantou very soon. It’s a sad news for this blog as she has contributed a lot to this blog. As a friend and a co-founder, I would like to thank her for supporting and writing for us since this blog started.

    I saw there are some comments saying that this blog should continue. Yes, it will! Despite Maggie is leaving, I’m sure there will be some people like her who loves this city and would like to write about it. Also I will translate some news and write about some current news on the city. Although I’m currently not in Shantou, but I’m still very much concern its development and what’s happening there. If you are interested to join us and become a blogger of this blog, feel free to drop me an message.

    About the future of blog, I will spend sometime to organise the articles that we have so far and maybe make a archive page for our readers to search. If you have any ideas about further development of this blog and our community, or want to know about certain subject, do let me know as well.

    Finally, a picture that I took with Maggie when I went back last winter. Thank you, 茉莉!

    Richard and Maggie