"Jurassic Park" Planned for Queshi

    A Jurassic Park is going to be built at Queshi scenic and historic interest area in Shantou, with the palaeontologist Zhang He’s donation of a great number of fossils.

    The construction of the park, which displays fossils of ancient creature, like dinosaurs and trees, is now in the preliminary planning stage, according to Liu Boquan, supervisor of the planning. On Feb.29th, a signature ceremony was held, with the donator Zhang He and municipal leading governors participating. Zhang He is the chief-librarian of Shenzhen Paleontological Museum, a fossil collector and expert on palaeontology.

    Attracted by the Chaoshan culture, he wished to contribute something here. He made a phone call to the municipal party committee last year, telling him he wished to contribute his collection for 20 years and assist in building a “Jurassic Park”.

    The park is to be located in Queshi, Dahao district, and the administrative bureau of Queshi recreational area is in charge of the project. It will be the first theme park to popularize the science of paleontology in Shantou.

    Source: Shantou Daily story

    Ava Tang