It"s raining, it"s pouring...

    Well it’s raining, and raining, and raining and oo, raining, come on, why so much water?  Last year we didn’t have enough, yesterday flooded the city centre for about the 4th time since March.  ENOUGH!  I feel sorry for the farmers.  The rest of us just have to wear silly ponchos when we ride our bikes and scooters.

    AND it means we might miss the lovely months of June and July, hot and sunny but not like a pressure cooker, and no rain - perfect for the beach.  This year seems to have skipped these wonderful two months as well as the iffy month of May and gone straight into the monsoon of August, but without the heat. 

    Yesterday my friend told me His friend had told him there were going to be 7 typhoons in Shantou this June.  Ha, don’t quite believe that, but we def might be in for a rainy one.  :’(

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