It"s coming Valentines

    As massive commercial influences every year, Valentines Day now has become an important day in Shantou too. Even mid-age couples also left housework and go out for romantic dinner or a date, not to mention those young ones. However, while everybody is doing the same thing of going out for such a ‘romantic’ night, standing out of the crowds maybe a better idea of having it with your partners, so here are a few places that I could think of to suggest you NOT to go on your well-prepared Valentines Days.

    Hua Qiao Park
    Unless you like kids running, chasing and shutting around, it’s really not a good place for couples.

    Hai Bin Road
    Yes, sound of wave moving and counting stars is a romantic scene. But if you want to create such a moment in Hai Bin Road, bear in mind that BBQ smells, chatting at a Gongfu tea table might also surround you and your girl/boyfriend.

    Lin Bai Xin Park
    Even for a normal date I won’t recommend there. However, for normal life, it is a good place to see Shantounese’ night life.

    Somewhere dark
    Considering Shantou is not a small city, you can find these kinds of place to have a little chat. But do consider another thing, Shantou has a big population too. You may think dark place is definitely no one can find, if you can, others too. So don’t be surprised when turn around and another couples say hi to you.

    Yes. If you both like over-volume music and don’t need to talk for the whole night.

    Karaoke box
    Yes, but I don’t it’s got anything to do with the word ‘romantic’ though.

    Sorry for being so negative, but hope this will be helpful at some points. And if you’ve got some good places to recommend, feel free to leave a comment.