Haibin Road Renovations

    Two sections of Haibin Road near the People’s Square are being extended. “Greening belts” and a parking lot will also be built near the seaside boardwalk, according to the Shantou Daily.

    Renovation of the western sector of Haibin Road started on December 14th , 2006. The new road is designed to be 1.2 kilometers long and 31 meters wide with a 20-meter-wide greening belt along the seaside.

    The middle sector of Haibin Road has been under construction since May 8th, 2007. This sector goes from Li’an Road to Huaqiao Park. A parking lot will be built between Shipaotai Park and Diaoqiao Road. The middle sector will cost 500 million RMB and 20 to 25 months to finish, but part of it will be finished before the spring festival of 2008.

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