Bob Hong"s wedding

    My friend got married the Wednesday before the May Day holiday - it was a 好日子 (hao rizi - a Good Day for stuff like weddings and opening businesses). This was the first wedding of an actual friend I’d been to. As always the food was great.

    For anyone who’s never been to a Chinese wedding before, they go to and from the bride and groom’s family homes asking for permission from parents and honouring ancestors. Then there’s the big meal and party which everyone comes to. During the 12-dish meal the bride and groom and family members will come and toast each table, technically each table should go to them too, but we actually never got round to it.

    This was mainly because the lady on stage kept on calling us up! First was for a game of Chinese whispers - but it’s not called that here. Then to sing a song. Guilia was called up and then me, she insisted on Xiao Wei 小微, then didn’t sing Any of it coz she said she couldn’t read Chinese! It was ok though, and one of my students was there and he and his friends brought us a rose each. All good fun.

    Wish Bob and his wife all the best in their new life together.

    Maggie Ad