276 Shantou Corporations Will Join Guangzhou Trade Fair

    According to an article from the website of Shantou News, 276 outstanding Shantou corporations are going to participate in the 103rd China Trade Fair of Imports and Exports, which will be held during April 15th to 30th in Guangzhou.

    So far, some of the corporation representatives have been heading for the venue to decorate their stalls. Shantou will obtain 492.5 stalls in this year’s trade fair, distributing in different exhibition areas, such as gardening, toys, electron, stationery, etc. Among the 276 companies, 195 are private enterprises, taking up 70% of the totality. In this year’s fair, the number of firms in Shantou that has its own brand has increased rapidly. As External Trade Department has said, Shantou put a lot of effort into the fair and chose almost 200 qualified companies with export amount of over 5 million US dollars.

    Furthermore, it is the first time that Shantou raised the Environmental Friendly Standard as a criterion for participant corporations in this year’s trade fair. Those companies with high pollution are not allowed to join the fair.


    Lok Chan